All plans refer specifically to the licensing of the software, initial setup, ongoing regular maintenance, configuration changes and support, *minutes used, system backups, and hosting in one of our data centers.  

We support a variety of industry standard SIP phones. We can provide your phones at a substantial discount off list. 

You may provide your own desk phone from our list of supported devices. You may also use our IOS, Android, or Windows Desktop app provided at no additional cost. You may also use the Microsoft Teams app if you subscribe to that service from Microsoft 365. 

* We do not charge per minute rates for inbound or outbound toll calls. Inbound toll free calls are billed at .01 per minute in 1 minute increments. All calling plans are based on calls within the continental U.S.

We audit monthly for abuse and can limit the number of minutes of use per month if we feel it is excessive. We do not support call centers.

Additional DID numbers are available at $4.00 per DID number per month.

Contact us for more details.